I love showering. I love spending time under shower. Do you think it is weird? Haha.. I also think the same. But, I can’t help it. Why I love showering? It is because bathroom and showering are the most private spaces for oneself. You can stay there in the bathroom for hours alone without being lonely. You can stand there under the pouring water for hours without being disturbed. What I love about showering is that I can spend me- time privately with myself. I can think about what is happening with my life. I can throw back my memories of my life. I can think about life. There is also a weird thing I can do in the bathroom. It is singing using shower. Haha. It is weird but I love it. Since I spend much time with shower, I realized that shower is important and need a good design also. So, I decided to get beautiful shower design ideas. There are many designs that make it’s hard for me to choose.

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In the gallery, you can see more than twenty pictures with high resolution shows the beautiful shower design ideas that I find. It is ranging from the ones made from metal, iron, stainless steel, plastic, or ceramics. They are available in many colors. What I like the most is the one with silver color because it looks so modern, minimalist, yet so elegant and luxurious. Those pictures are not only showing you the design of the shower. Some of them are also showing you the whole design of the bathroom which will make it easier for you to grasp the idea and how to mix and match the shower with the bathroom and other shower decoration and accessories so they can blend well together in one beautiful design.

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Beautiful shower design ideas photo Gallery

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