Brown is sweet color that identical with chocolate. That means brown is good to build sweet atmosphere. Brown stuffs are often found in any room. It is like the favourite color of everybody. Brown sofa in the living room, brown shelf in the bedroom or brown cabinet in the kitchen are the room installation that won’t be missed. Brown is not just about sweetness, some people include it in the name of elegance.

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Elegant brown cabinet is that stuff that takes much attention from a homeowner. It is put in a suitable room with certain theme.  Kitchen is a room that already prepared for brown cabinet. Modern kitchen with brown cabinets often becomes the modest part of room design. It could be the easiest consideration. It doesn’t need too much time to decide it.

Kitchen modern design

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The theme that appears in the kitchen with brown cabinet is elegance. When it combines with modern room, it simply becomes modern and elegant kitchen. For that kind of kitchen, the cabinet itself should be less traditional. The material actually doesn’t determine because even wooden cabinet can be modern and have cool character. Brown cabinets for modern kitchen design distinguished by the color. Light and dark brown has its own character in creating a room theme. Modern light brown gives bright kitchen nuance that still put modern as the main theme.

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