Run out of home design ideas? Get enough of minimalist and modern house? Don’t want to use traditional and vintage design as well? Feeling tired of rustic home design? Well, I think you miss something. Why don’t you give a try for unique cottage and bungalows home design? Different from any other design, unique cottage and bungalows home design is not like a minimalist and modern with a simple touch only. In addition, it also doesn’t like the traditional, vintage, or rustic home design that put many details. I can say that unique cottage and bungalows home design combine those other home designs. It combines all those beauty and get minimalist the imperfections. So, what we need to get this home design?

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Cottage and bungalow

First of all, you need to build the cottage and bungalows home. Cottage and bungalows home generally come in many building in one area. So, the living room, bedroom, bathroom go in separate building but still in one area. But, if there is no chance for you to build this kind of building, you need not to worry. You still can have this home design by decorating your house using unique cottage and bungalows furniture, decoration, and accessories. For the furniture, you need to use the ones which are made from wood because if you use something from metal or iron, your house will look much to modern. The decoration, you can use something related to cottage like wide curtain in blue marine color or golden sand color. Put some flowers and plants to add up the beauty of nature. For the accessories, you can put shell or starfish decoration. It is easy, right?

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Cottage type homes

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